Snack ‘n’ Nest


Capacity 0ml / 0oz / 0cups

Length 120mm / 4.72in

Width 105mm / 4.13in

Height 145mm / 5.71in


1 x 150ml Yogurt, 1 x 305ml Yogurt Max & 1 x 520ml Fruity Snacks. Carton of mixed colour packs

These seal-tight screw top lid containers are perfect for yogurt, snacks, fruit and more. Our new Yogurt Max TO GO™ is a generous 10.3 oz / 305ml and the Fruity Snacks TO GO™ is 17.5 oz / 520ml. These have been specially designed so that the Yogurt Pot, Yogurt Pot Max and Fruity Snacks containers nest together to create a space saving Snack ‘n’ Nest TO GO™ set.


Unit size:
520ml Fruity Snacks
L 104mm / W 104mm / H 97mm

305ml Yogurt Max 
L 89mm / W 89mm / H 83mm

150ml Yogurt 
L 74mm / W 74mm / H 69mm


Designed and Made in New Zealand.
BPA & Phthalate Free​.