BRILLIANCE™ 100% Leak-Proof

Organise your kitchen with 100% leak-proof Sistema® BRILLIANCE™ range. Crystal clear, Phthlate and BPA Free and stain resistant, there is a Sistema® BRILLIANCE™ container to suit all of your food storage needs.



100% Leak-Proof Guaranteed
100% Leak-Proof
Designed with an airtight leak-proof seal and innovative latches, these containers provide a mess free, spill free food storage solution for foods like sauces, soups, stews or salad with dressing.


Stain Resistant Material
Stain Resistant Material
Keeps the container looking new, making them ideal for storing all types of foods whilst maintaining a spotless look.


Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear
Pristine, high quality material provides 360 degree clarity. They may look like glass, but each container is made of crystal clear TRITAN™ for an ultra premium look so you can see the food inside.


Splatter Resistant Microwaving
Splatter-Resistant Microwaving
Innovative vents under the clips allow microwaving with the lid on, helping to reduce splatters. Simply lift the containers latches to reveal vents for splatter free microwaving, so consumers can easily reheat leftovers without removing the lid.


Stacks Perfectly
Stacks Perfectly
Each Sistema® BRILLIANCE™ container features a modular design that allows for perfect stacking, efficient storage and exceptional organisation in the pantry or fridge.


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*TRITAN™ is a registered trade mark of Eastman Chemical Company