FreshWorks™ - Produce Saver

Keep produce fresher longer with its built-in FreshVent™ lid filter, these perfectly-sized food containers provide the best environment for maintaining fresh produce. The filter lasts a lifetime so you never need to buy replacements or deal with the hassle of installation. The elevated CrispTray™ at the bottom helps keep moisture away leaving you with crisper veggies and fruits.




Keeps Fresh Produce Fresher
Keeps Fresh Produce Fresher

FreshWorks™ keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer than generic store packaging.


​FRESHVENT™ Technology
FRESHVENT™ Technology

Longer lasting produce means less waste. FRESHVENT™ regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to provide the ideal environment for preserving produce.


Lifetime Lid Filter
Lifetime Lid Filter

No need to worry about costly replacement filters and frequent installations. FreshWorks™ built-in lid filter will last the entire lifetime of the produce container.



The bottom elevated CRISPTRAY™ helps keep moisture away and promotes circulation to prevent spoilage. Fresher and crisper produce is always in reach.


​Perfect Fit For Maximum Freshness

Perfect Fit For Maximum Freshness
Different sized containers accommodate most fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring fresh produce is always readily available.


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