Meeting with John Key in Paris

John Key was the guest of honour of the French Prime Minister, François Hollande, at the Bastille Day Parade on 14th July. There were 85 NZ and 140 Australian soldiers parading alongside the French through the centre of Paris, to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme, where many young AU and NZ soldiers lost their lives.


John Key told us an interesting story.  He apparently went out looking for an egg cooker whilst on holiday in Maui and could not believe his eyes when he found a NZ made Sistema product (our Microwave Easy Eggs) on such a small island! He said he loves it and still uses it every morning back in NZ.  He said he could ask his housekeeper to make his breakfast but since it only takes 1 minute and 10 seconds and he is up every day at 6am, he does it himself!


John Key made a speech at the table just before lunch was served. The NZ ambassador acted as a moderator and asked us all questions about what the PM had spoken about, and how these points would affect our respective businesses, including the Brexit and a potential NZ free trade agreement with Europe.


It was a very down to earth group of people and a fantastic experience for Frederic and myself. The Prime Minister and other VIPs clearly have a lot of respect for Brendan and for Sistema.

News - Meeting with John Key in Paris / Frederic Marchand, Commercial National Account manager and Nicola Davies with John Key at the NZ Embassy in Paris