Sistema at Westpack South Africa

Westpack has three stores in total of which this particular store is the biggest out of the three. Not only is it the biggest out of the 3 but also the single biggest speciality store in the country with 2700 square meters of floor space and nearly double that below the store that serves as the receiving and storage area. They are a typical plastics retailer so all of our main competitors are also represented in this store i.e. Addis, Legend, etc. but after the layout was done Sistema now has the best representation out of all of them.

As mentioned, we could not merchandise the stock fast enough and in actual fact some customers were standing around waiting for me to put the price labels out so that they could buy the product. We also had a mother with a boy and girl who had in their trolley basket lunch boxes from one of our competitors but when they walked past our section the kids stopped and pointed to our lunch and sandwich boxes, the mother said that it was more expensive than what they had but they insisted and eventually bought the product and 2 Quaddies as well. This was great to see as it just shows that sales aren’t just motivated by the parent. What was also interesting is that many customers bought 3 or 4 of the same item especially on the Accented range. Tomorrow we are doing a relay in Westpack's second biggest store.

Sistema at Westpack South Africa / Sistema at Westpack South Africa /