Sistema Storage exclusive range for The Warehouse

Sistema has imported a 1,300 and a 650 tonne injection moulding machine to boost its manufacturing operations in New Zealand, allowing the company to create a new range of durable plastic home and office storage products made exclusively for The Warehouse.

The 1,300 tonne machine is one of the biggest of its type brought into New Zealand during the last 20 years according to Sistema’s managing director Brendan Lindsay. "This equipment is a one-of-a- kind industrial machine. I have not heard of any other company bringing in a similar machine to manufacture products like this in New Zealand."

"This investment has allowed us to diversify our product offering and produce heavy duty storage containers ranging in capacity from 14 to 90 litres. The range will include utility trays and organiser tubs, filing clips and removable wheels, making them the most sophisticated plastic box storage system on the market," said Mr Lindsay.

The company is proud to collaborate with The Warehouse to bring this newest offering to the New Zealand public, with the storage range going on sale this month.

TW Group CEO Mark Powell considers this a smart business move. "We have formed a long term partnership with Sistema to support the development and manufacture of this product, which reflects our commitment to stock New Zealand made products."

Sistema’s business has evolved dramatically growing from a simple backyard garage operation 30 years ago to an international success story today. "We now export our products to more than 65 countries around the world, including the United States, the UK, Europe and South Africa, but we are committed to keeping our manufacturing in New Zealand," said Mr Lindsay.

In March 2012, Prime Minister John Key opened Sistema’s new $7.5 million purpose-built production factory, allowing the company to establish an additional 50 jobs. The company currently employs more than 540 people.

Sistema Storage exclusive range for The Warehouse /