1.5L Medium Square 2 Pack


Capacity 1.5L / 50.72oz / 6.34cups

Length 145mm / 5.71in

Width 145mm / 5.71in

Height 192mm / 7.56in


A revolutionary solution for longer-lasting produce.


Keep produce fresher longer with its built-in FreshVent™ lid filter, these perfectly-sized food containers provide the best environment for maintaining fresh produce. The filter lasts a lifetime so you never need to buy replacements or deal with the hassle of installation. The elevated CrispTray™ at the bottom helps keep moisture away leaving you with crisper veggies and fruits.


Pack contains 2 x 1.5L Medium Square


Designed and Made in New Zealand.
Phthalate & BPA Free


Do not open or remove FreshVent™ filter


*NB -  Total pack dimensions listed above.


Use and Care Information