Grid Mat has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Sistema Plastics Ltd.

Sistema Plastics have appointed Grid Mat Systems Limited a leading ground stabilisation and grass protection specialist  to distribute this product throughout New Zealand.

Grid Mat Systems can be contacted direct on 021 994 665 or email:

Alternative paving that really works
Keep your paths and driveway looking good and reduce wear and tear with Grid Mat.

Made from 100% recycled materials, it’s an eco-friendly paving solution for your high traffic areas. Able to take 15 tonnes in weight, the Grid Mat’s perfect squares (9 tiles create 1m2) form a grid that evenly spreads the weight of cars, bikes or people.

Use Grid Mat to protect:

  • Grassed areas, paths and tree roots.
  • Driveways, caravan and trailer parks.
  • Greenhouse floors and garden surrounds.
  • Car parks and overflow parking
  • Kennel runs and stable bays

No more mud, wheel rutting, pot holes or pooling water.


Natural beauty, practical solution
With options to suit all areas you can say goodbye big slabs of concrete. Grow grass or spread stones through the Grid Mat to enhance the natural aesthetic of your property and capture the shapes and colours of New Zealand landscape.
And Grid Mat has got you covered no matter the size of the job. You can get a square meter from box of 9 tiles or go by the pallet for larger areas. You’ll get the job done quickly too with the simple clip-together assembly. Deal to odd shapes easily just by cutting the Gridmat to size with a hand or skill saw.

Good for the environment - good for your wallet
Water still gets to the garden, pebbles and stones stay on the path and weeds are kept at bay.  You’ll spend more time in your yard and less time and money on it. And because Grid Mat is made from 100% recycled materials you’ll be using a sustainable product and reducing your carbon footprint too.

Available in convenient box holding 1m2 or on a pallet holding 21m2 or 42m2

Light weight and easy to install Grid Mat is light on your pocket and easy on your upkeep.

Installation Guide 
Step One – get your area ready:
Remove the soil and level the ground. This is called the base ground.

Go as deep as 50mm for foot traffic areas and 75 mm for vehicles and animals.

Step Two – lay your sub grade:
Place a layer of aggregate (GAP20 or GAP40) in the area. For foot traffic you’ll need a layer of 50mm thick. For vehicle and animal traffic you’ll need a 75-100mm layer.

Step Three (Optional) – lay your weed mat or geotextile:
This step is only for pebbled or gravelled areas. While optional, it will help prevent weeds growing through to your beautiful paved area.

Step Four – lay the Grid Mats:
Now it’s time to put down the Grid Mats, you can arrange and cut them to suit the shape of your area.

Step Five – put the top layer on:
If you’re stabilising a grassy area fill the Grid Mat with soil. If you’re putting in pathways or driveways fill the Grid Mat with your chosen pebbles or stones. Remember to slightly over fill the Grid Mad to allow for short term settlement and to hide the mat from view.

Step Six – finishing touches:
Now you can sow your grass seed. Put a light layer of soil over top of the seed to help with germination, and wait a good three months before using or mowing your new lawn. This will give the grass plenty of time to take root and grow thick and strong.
If you’re using pebbles or stones you’ll need to compact them. Because they’ll settle over time you should allow for a top up a few months down the track.

Step Seven
Time to sit back and relax, admire the view and congratulate yourself on a job well done. 

Order your Grid Mat today, call 021 994 665 or email: 


Garden Grid Calculator


Length (m)
Width (m)
Already know the area (m2)

Number of tiles required


Pebble Requirement (Area m3)


Base Course (m3)
GAP 40

Light vehicles
(Standard passenger cars, caravans, boats)
Heavy vehicles
(SUVs large cars)

Bedding Layer (m3)

GAP 7 or sand