1.63L Chill It TO GO™


Capacity 1.63L / 55.12oz / 6.89cups

Length 190mm / 7.48in

Width 190mm / 7.48in

Height 98mm / 3.86in


Food solutions for busy lifestyles. The Sistema® Chill It To Go™ keeps salads cool and separated until ready to eat. Simply place your salad greens into the base, vegetables into the tray compartments and dressing into the pot, place the frozen ice brick on top and close the distinctive Sistema® easy-locking clips to seal.


Featuring an innovative ice brick, the Sistema® Chill It To Go™ keeps salads cool until ready to eat. Just freeze the ice brick overnight and place into the container in the morning to keep your food cool and fresh. The convenient knife & fork snaps securely into the lid and eliminates the need to take separate utensils. The dressing pot and compartmentalised tray keeps food separated - simply mix everything together into the generous sized base when ready to eat! Stackable and safe to use in the Dishwasher (top rack), Microwave (without lid), Fridge & Freezer.

Designed and Made in New Zealand.
Phthalate & BPA Free.


Use and Care Information