Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings- Serves 4

This recipe uses the Large Microwave Steamer

2 skinless, boneless, chicken breasts
½ cup chicken broth
Salt and pepper
1 10 ¾ oz can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 16 oz pkg frozen mixed vegetables
½ cup milk
1 cup all purpose baking mix
½ cup milk
½ Tbs dried Thyme

Note: These are based on imperial measurements, a guide to convert to metric can be found under Recipes > Microwave Cooking General Instructions

Cut the chicken in cubes
Put the broth on the bottom of the steamer
Place tray on top of the broth
Put the chicken and frozen vegetables on top of the tray, season with salt and pepper
Cover with lid and cook in microwave for 5 min
Remove chicken and vegetables into large bowl, take out the tray and empty the broth
Add soup and first measure of milk to chicken then pour back into the steamer
In a separate bowl combine the baking mix, second measure of milk and thyme , stir until blended then drop by spoonfuls on top of the chicken mixture, sprinkle the dumplings with the basil
Cover with lid and microwave for 5 minutes.

This recipe was prepared using a 950 watt microwave. Cooking times will vary depending on the wattage of the microwave used.