Microwave Soup Mug Recipes General Instructions

  1. Wash the steamer before your first use.
  2. Always make sure the lid is locked on and the vent is open before cooking.
  3. When re-heating food cook in short intervals, 1-2 minutes so you don’t overheat the food.
  4. Cut raw food in small even sizes to promote a quicker cooking time.
  5. When cooking time ends, stir food and make sure it is cooked through.  If it is not done, replace the lid and cook in 30 second – 1 minute increments until cooked through.
  6. If storing food in the steamer make sure to close the vent on top.

For best results ALWAYS make sure there is enough moisture either in the food or the container. Our recipes list recommended cooking times however you should check your food during the cooking process as the power of microwave ovens vary.

These recipes were prepared using a 950 watt microwave. Cooking times will vary depending on the wattage of the microwave used.

Here are some basic cooking times:

Green Beans
1 cup    cook 1 -2 minutes
2 cups  cook 2-3 minutes

Broccoli florets
1 cup   cook   2 minutes
3 cups cook 3 minutes

1 cup add 1 tbs water and cook 2 minutes
3 cups  add 2 tbs water and cook 3 minutes

Carrot coins
1 cup   add 1 tbs water and cook 2 minutes
3 cups add 2 tbs water and cook 3 minutes

Frozen mixed vegetables
1 cup  cook 3 minutes
3 cups cook 5 minutes

If after cooking time you want your vegetables softer cook in 30 second intervals until desired texture.