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plastic waste

gets sorted
and recycled

and given a
new life

made in
New Zealand

cartons made
from recycled

#5 plastic

and BPA free



Sistema® Renew™ is a range of reusable lunch products that are made using a percentage of recycled plastic. Our goal with Renew™ is to use a minimum of 30% recycled plastic which is post-industrial material (Sistema’s production off-cuts). Sistema® Renew™ is a project focusing on offering eco-friendly sustainable lunch solutions. Each product has different overall weight which determines the percentage of recycled content that goes into the product.

RENEW™ Snack

350ml Small Split UP TO
400ml Snacks UP TO
515ml Snack Capsule UP TO
410ml Snack Attack™ UP TO

RENEW™ Lunch

450ml Sandwich UP TO
975ml Snack Attack™ Duo UP TO
1.2L Lunch Plus UP TO
1.1L Salad UP TO
1.65L Bento Lunch UP TO

RENEW™ Accessories

35ml Dressing 3 Pack UP TO
150ml Yogurt 2 Pack UP TO

RENEW™ Bottles

600ml Wave Bottle UP TO
800ml Gripper Bottle UP TO

Q: Where does Renew™ recycled plastic come from?

Sistema® Renew™ recycled plastic is made up of post-industrial material (Sistema’s production off-cuts).

Q: Why are there different amounts of recycled plastic in each product?

Each product has different overall weight which determines the percentage of recycled content that goes into the product. Our goal with Renew™ is to use a minimum of 30% recycled plastic per product.

Q: Do you have quality checks in place at each step of the recycling process to ensure the safety of the plastic material?

Yes, Safety has always been paramount for Sistema® and Renew™ is no exception. We have a stringent process with periodic testing to ensure all products meet quality measures.

Q: Does recycled plastic compromise the quality of my container?

No, the quality of Renew™ product is the same as all Sistema’s products.

Q: What does the number written on the bottom of plastic products mean?

Number 5 is the reference to plastics that are polypropylene. Plastic #5 Polypropylene (PP) is considered to be the safest of all plastics, this is a robust plastic that is heat resistant.

Q: Is recycled plastic safe to use with food?

Sistema® Renew™ has been developed with food safe recycled PP which is Phthalate and BPA free.

Q: Can I put my Renew™ product in the microwave and freezer?

Yes, Renew™ product can be warmed to 74°C or cooled to –20°C.

Q: Is the Renew™ container also recyclable?

Sistema® designs reusable food storage solutions that are durable and have a long life. If you decide to dispose of your Sistema® container it can be recycled through a polypropylene (#5) recycling plant.

Q: Does Sistema® support a plastic deposit return system?

Sistema® will happily take your old (washed) container back and recycle it. Sistema® plans to expand this network in the near future. 

Q: Can the packaging be recycled?

Yes, all Renew™ packaging can be recycled. Cartons and card packaging can be easily recycled through fibre recycling. All the product labels can be recycled through soft recycling.

Q: Why don’t you just use post-consumer recycled plastic?

Sistema’s goal is to be waste free by 2022, using post-industrial material is an important part of being able to achieve this. By using Sistema’s production off-cuts to produce other products it prevents it from otherwise going to landfill. For more information about Sistema® Sustainable focus please CLICK HERE